Johannebergs Vokalensemble recently premiered my most recent choral piece, “Nu öppnar nattglim sin krona” based on a beautiful poem by Eric Axel Karlfeldt. The piece sets the colourful poem to music written in a style that in some ways pays homage to the neo-romantic Swedish tradition of choral writing, but still with a dash of modern aesthetics. The structure of the piece centers on a development in the arrangement going from 4 part, via 6 part to the final 8 part divisi. This is a piece that would benefit from being performed by a larger choral ensemble – the recording below is only 11 voices, but still very happy with the way it turned out.

[audio:|titles=Nu öppnar nattglim sin krona (Johannebergs Vokalensemble/Jan K. Delemark)]

I am now married to my beautiful Lina, and the wedding was wonderful and – of course – featured some choral music. We’re both choir geeks and met each other as singers in the Haga Motettkör, so having our friends of this choir being there and perform Maurice Duruflé’s Ubi caritas as well as my own arrangement of the classic Swedish summer psalm Den blomstertid nu kommer was almost a given. In addition to this, I had made a choral arrangement of Över brudfolk, a song originally written by Lina’s grandfather Gustaf Bjarnegård based on an old composition by Johan Helmich Roman. Gustaf  was an accomplished and prolific composer, organist and priest, and this piece has been performed during many Bjarnegård weddings – a wonderful tradition which we carried forward giving it our own little touch.

Below is a recording of the Haga Motettkör performing Den blomstertid nu kommer. The piece is dedicated to the love of my life.

[audio:|titles=Den blomstertid nu kommer (Haga Motettkör/Ulrike Heider]

paterI am very happy to announce that my a cappella piece, Pater Noster, is now available from Bo Ejeby Förlag, who describes the composition as “a sonorous piece, in the mood of composers like Eric Whitacre or Morten Lauridsen”.

To me, writing choral music has been a very important way to channel my own thoughts and feelings towards God, faith and religion. My setting of “Pater Noster”, hopefully, illustrates a sense of being safe in the hands of the lord, and being comfortable, maybe even relaxed in your faith. The piece is in A-B-A form based on an warm and simple hymn, a more prayer-like mid section and with a very beautiful and shimmering cluster during the final ‘Amen’ leading the way to a hushed and trustful ending in Db major.

[audio:|titles=Pater Noster (Haga Motettkör/Ulrike Heider)]

I Am Your SunlightTwo of my choral works, “O Magnum Mysterium” and “I Am Your Sunlight” (lyrics by Janet Jackson), are now available from Santa Barbara Music Publishing! I am very proud to be a composer in such amazing company, with other of their published composers being among my very own “choral heroes”: Eric Whitacre, Joshua Shank, David N. Childs, René Clausen, Javier Busto, Vytautas Miskinis… Both of my works are considered to be “level: difficult” and in their virtuoso catalogue. Don’t let that scare you, I can sing them myself so they can’t be too tricky…

On “O Magnum Mysterium”, SBMP writes: “This piece is best described as “Wow.” It is highly recommended for the mature choir and for a favorable acoustic setting.”

Another of my sacred pieces, “Agnus Dei“, was released last year by SBMP.

My setting of Werner Aspenström’s poem ‘Ej blir det natt’ was recently premiered by Johannebergs Vokalensemble of Göteborg, conducted by Jan K. Delemark, as a part of the choir’s programme for the Feast of Christ the King on November 20, 2011. I was also the producer of the concert incorporating other works by composers such as James MacMillan, David Buckley and Will Todd.

Here is a live recording of the performance.

[audio:|titles=Ej blir det natt (Johannebergs Vokalensemble/Jan K. Delemark)]