Mikael divides his time between composing music, producing concerts and albums. Below are links to projects he is involved in.

Johannebergs Vokalensemble

Mikael formed this choir together with his wife, Lina Bjarnegård Carlsson, in 2010. The ensemble is conducted by Jan K. Delemark and Mikael is the producer responsible for concert repertoire.

Haga Motettkör

Award-winning chamber choir where Mikael has been a member since 2007 and formally a producer (responsible for repertoire choices in collaboration with conductor Ulrike Heider) since 2012.

MovieScore Media

The soundtrack record label launched by Mikael in 2006. Mikael produced over 250 film music albums for the label.

Screamworks Records

A sub-label to MovieScore Media devoted to quality music from horror films.

Soundtracks Live!

Mikael’s film music concert production company.

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