Going all-orchestral exploring ‘Innerspace’

January 19th, 2018 | Posted by mikaelcarlsson in composition

Innerspace was commissioned by the Gothenburg orchestra Gothia Concentus for their science fiction-themed project and will be premiered in concert conducted by Emanuel Kling on May 12, 2018. The orchestra is known for their inventive programs which combine a lot of film and videogame music with classical pieces. For their sci-fi concert, I had an idea to create a new piece that would work as a stand-alone concert piece while also working in the largely cinematic context of the program. Obviously inspired by the film of the same title, Innerspace, is an adventurous and fun piece which is very much a love letter to many of the sci-fi film composers we all love and admire. While I have written music for orchestra before, those pieces have been primarily choral in nature. Innerspace is my first all-orchestral piece – and, needless to say, I’m really excited!

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