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• 2016: Göteborgs-Posten – “Ett eko av flyktingkrisen: Nytt requiem uruppförs i Hagakyrkan”
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• 2006: KQEK interview with Mikael Carlsson


Rainbow Suite is a magnificent piece of religious choral work by composer Mikael Carlsson commissioned by the Church of Sweden and brought to fruition by the considerable talents of the Haga Motettkör under the direction of Ulriker Heider. Moving and accessible, it colors the rainbow in a complex vocal tapestry of intertwining nuance and combined choral power with the rich reverberant acoustic of the Annedalskyrkan in Gothenberg.” – Six Moons Audio Reviews, on Rainbow Suite: The Choral Music of Mikael Carlsson (CD)

“A beautiful album. For those wanting a modern choral collection this is a must buy.” – Review Graveyard on Rainbow Suite: The Choral Music of Mikael Carlsson (CD)